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White girl dating muslim man

Muslim girl left her home to marry a Hindu boy (BBC Hindi)

White girl dating muslim man

adds Leïla, a Muslim woman who has been married to Antoine for four years. of the Koran is that a Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman, but not vice versa. Some of the men who fell in love with Muslim women agreed to go Are white Catholic heterosexuals near extinction in France?.

Most of the time, Arab men find Western women attractive too in their own ways but is having a relationship with an Arab man possible? Here are some of the possible conflicts that Arab men have with white women from different cultures: Religion — An Arab man is a practicing Muslim and he can be very strict in the things that he has to do.

Often times, Arab men would have to pray more than 5 times a day and there are some things that Islam states that the western woman might not understand. The practice of Ramadan for instance may not be understood by the Western woman especially if she would white girl dating muslim man to go out on a date but he cannot because of his religion. Traditions — An Arab man may have to follow some traditions like the fact that they are not recommended to marry women who are not Muslims.

If the Arab man is still a bit young, there is a big chance that the family will not approve of the white woman.